Thursday, May 4, 2017

week of 5/8/17

28 new and 18 reprints for this second week of May. 
Lover of historical fiction?  Don't miss The Girl Who Wouldn't Die.  Fans of fantasy should check out Traitor's Kiss.  For those who adore fractured fairy tales, look for The Noble Servant (a retelling of the Brothers Grimm's The Goose Girl) and Umberland (Peter Pan.)  
Romance, horror, and so much more round out this week.  Happy Reading!

The Girl Who Wouldn't Die, by Randall Platt 

Title: The Girl Who Wouldn?t Die, Author: Randall PlattIt's 1939 in Poland, and Abra knows that standing up for anyone-especially her Jewish family-only paints a target on her back.  So she plans to survive the Nazi occupation the way she always has; disguise herself as an Aryan boy, lead her street gang, and sell whatever she can steal.

But though Abra starts the war with the one goal of staying alive, others have different ideas for her.  When a stranger asks for her help with a covert rescue mission, Arab has to make a choice.  Trying to be a hero is a surefire way to be killed.  But if she doesn't do it, who will?
Hard-hitting and unforgettable, The Girl Who Wouldn't Die is a story about survival, the necessity of resistance, and the hope that can be found when the world is at its darkest.
“An unforgettable read that illuminates genuine hope in a very dark world. In The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die, Platt has worked literary magic that not only enthralls and entertains, but says as much about today as it does about the past. Nothing short of a masterpiece.” —Gregg Olsen, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Girl Out of Water, by Laura Silverman

Title: Girl out of Water, Author: Laura SilvermanFans of Jenny Han and Sarah Dessen will fall in love with this contemporary debut about finding yourself and and finding love in unexpected places.
Ocean breeze in her hair and sand between her toes , Anise can't wait to spend the summer before her senior year surfing and hanging out on the beach with friends.  Santa Cruz is more than her home- it's her heart.  But when her aunt, a single mother, is in a serious car accident, Anise must say goodbye to California to help care for her three young cousins.
Landlocked Nebraska is the last place Anise wants to be.  Sure, she loves her family, but it's hard to put her past behind her when she's living in the childhood house of the mother who abandoned her.  And with every Instagram post, her friends back home feel further away. 
Then she meets Lincoln, a charismatic, one-armed skater who challenges her to swap her surfboard for a skateboard.  Because sometimes the only way to find your footing is to let go.
"Anise's reluctance to leave, rooted in worries of forgetting home and being forgotten, will resonate with readers who've ever been homesick....A quick summer read to reassure teens who worry about college or blooming where they're planted."-Kirkus

Also releasing in Hardcover

Title: The Traitor's Kiss (Traitor's Trilogy Series #1), Author: Erin Beaty  Title: The Noble Servant, Author: Melanie Dickerson  Title: Umberland (Everland Series #2), Author: Wendy Spinale  Title: The Duke of Bannerman Prep, Author: Katie A. Nelson  Title: Reaper, Author: Kyra Leigh 
Title: City of Angels, Author: Kristi Belcamino  Title: Someone Else's Summer, Author: Rachel Bateman  Title: The Lines We Cross, Author: Randa Abdel-Fattah  Title: Girling Up: How to Be Strong, Smart and Spectacular, Author: Mayim Bialik  Title: Deacon Locke Went to Prom, Author: Brian Katcher 
Title: Brave New Girl, Author: Rachel Vincent  Title: Ramona Blue, Author: Julie Murphy  Title: Dear Reader, Author: Mary O'Connell  Title: A Face Like Glass, Author: Frances Hardinge  Title: It's Not Like It's a Secret, Author: Misa Sugiura  
Title: The Crown's Fate, Author: Evelyn Skye  Title: That Thing We Call a Heart, Author: Sheba Karim  Title: Juan Pablo and the Butterflies, Author: JJ Flowers  Title: Saving Montgomery Sole, Author: Mariko Tamaki
 Title: The Go-Between, Author: Veronica Chambers  Title: The Foretelling of Georgie Spider: The Tribe Book 3, Author: Ambelin Kwaymullina  

New in Paperback

Title: Rising, Author: Sonya Weiss  Title: It Started with Goodbye, Author: Christina June  Title: If This Was a Movie, Author: Ginna Moran Title: Birdy Flynn, Author: Helen Donohoe Title: Breaker and the Sun, Author: Lauren Nicolle Taylor  

Former Hardcovers and Reprints

Title: Assassin's Heart, Author: Sarah Ahiers  Title: Paper and Fire, Author: Rachel Caine  Title: The May Queen Murders, Author: Sarah Jude 
Title: Two Summers, Author: Aimee Friedman  Title: My Lady Jane, Author: Cynthia Hand  Title: The Darkest Corners, Author: Kara Thomas  Title: Autumn's Wish, Author: Bella Thorne  Title: Carry On, Author: Rainbow Rowell 
Title: Summer of Supernovas, Author: Darcy Woods  Title: The Last Full Measure (Divided We Fall, Book 3), Author: Trent Reedy  Title: Hearts, Fingers, and Other Things to Cross, Author: Katie Finn  Title: The Memory Book, Author: Lara Avery  Title: Mirror in the Sky, Author: Aditi Khorana
Title: Ivory and Bone, Author: Julie Eshbaugh  Title: The Countdown, Author: Kimberly Derting  Title: The Loose Ends List, Author: Carrie Firestone  Title: The Fall of Butterflies, Author: Andrea Portes  Title: Honor Girl, Author: Maggie Thrash  

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