Sunday, August 31, 2014

Books releasing September 2, 2014

Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass Series #3)A lot of great new books coming out on this day!  The one I'm looking forward to the most:  Heir of Fire, third in The Throne of Glass series
 by Sarah J Maas.  It comes out in hardcover while book 2, Crown of Midnight comes out in paperback. 

This book will most likely pick up right where book 2 left us as Celaena heads to a new land.  I'm certain this book will be packed with action, adventure, an awesome romance and probably another cliff hanging ending- can't wait!

Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini, book 1 in the Worldwalker series. 

Trial by Fire (Worldwalker Series #1)From my review on goodreads:  "Lily has horrible allergies, the kind that can kill you and she wants so much more from her life. When one of the closest people in her life betrays her, she ends up with a choice to stay in this world or go. She chooses to go, and nothing prepared her for what she would find.

It's the same world, but a different time, in what seems to be a future time. She's immediately recognized and she's beyond confused but plays along hoping to figure out what is going on.  She comes across so many people who want to kill her, until they finally realize she is not their Lily.

It's an intriguing and creative story, with enough action to keep a good pace and I can't even get into the relationships! It's a land where magic rules and witches are revered, a land where science is quickly becoming taboo. Much is not as it seems and in the end she'll have to figure out who to believe, what is morally and ethically right, and on which side to stand and fight"

The Jewel
The Jewel, by debut author Amy Ewing
This book wins my vote for favorite cover of the week.

Violet is sold at a surrogacy auction and she has to learn quickly how to adapt to the cruel and vicious place she finds herself in.  Add in a forbidden romance and fighting to just stay alive ensures that this should be an enjoyable read.

Sealed with a Lie
Sealed With A Lie, book 2 of the Two Lies and a Spy series by Kat Carlton
This book picks up where book 1 left off, with her life in another country, attending another school.   Left to cope with all that happened in book 1, Kari and her brother try to get settled into their new life.  And then it all goes wrong when her brother disappears.
With the help of her friends and those from G.I. (Generation Interpol) they take on the challenge given to them by someone on the other end of the phone- across Europe- hoping to beat the clock in order to save her brother. 

For fans of Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series.